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Business booster 


Growth for businessmen.
Earnings for agents.
Income for investors.

We start on 01/01/2025

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The App

Infer Vip Token

Join a 10 millions of happy users

Utility token "IVT" INFER VIP TOKEN, will be used as a gift certificate in the amount of $200
Anyone who has any number of tokens, who bought them on an exchange or at a pre-sale or from agents selling tokens,
will be able to replace all IVT tokens in his mobile application account with the internal currency of the USDV application.
Thus, the value of 1 IVT token = $200



Cutting-edge, innovative features that are ahead of the competition in every way.

The Smart Alive Technologies company is rapidly increasing its share in the technology solutions market. In the near future it promises to become the largest in the industry. We put all our knowledge and passion into each product, bringing to life ideas that many seem impossible. Learn more about the smart technologies our Enterprise Software Startup is developing.

How the app works

The entrepreneur invites the buyer to download the application using the QR code to get a 5% discount.
The buyer receives a 5% discount + 5% cashback points in the application for the next purchase.
Now the client is in the entrepreneur’s information field + the client has cashback points that encourage him to make the next purchase.
The client can also share the QR code from the installed application with everyone around him
thereby advertising the entrepreneur’s business + earning cashback points for yourself through a 3-level referral program!
The client can give or sell cashback points by referring new customers to the entrepreneur + earn money by selling his cashback points
new clients for money.
- The benefit of customers is that the entrepreneur has a 5% discount + 5% cashback for them.
- The benefit of an entrepreneur is that his influx of clients is constantly growing.
- The benefit for recommenders is that they have a growing network of merchants who constantly generate income through a 3-level referral program.

About Us

Our story

12/26/2012 Start of development of a system for earning money and promoting on the Internet

07/15/2014 transformation and radical update with rebranding to

07/10/2016 rebranding with updating and improvement of all functions in

04/16/2019 Concept update with rebranding and improvements in PRODUCE-IT.COM

10/28/2022 finalization and rebranding into the innovative eco-system

 01/01/2025 Business Booster mobile application for everyone around the world SMARTER



Oleg Matkovsky

«Тот, кто ищет миллионы, весьма редко их находит, но тот, кто их не ищет, не находит никогда».

Edward Skosirsky

«Хорошо сделанное лучше, чем хорошо сказанное».

Felix Adams

«Лучший способ предсказать будущее — создать его».
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